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Les Ports Francs et Entrepôts de Genève SA and ARTMYN are proud to announce their partnership at artgenève from 01.02 to 04.02.2018.
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5D Interactive Files

ARTMYN files reveal the textures & materiality of artworks, allowing you to “touch them with your eyes”. The digital twins can be experienced & analyzed on screen as if the original versions were in your very own hands.

Digital Finger Prints

For security or insurance purposes, the scanning process extracts unique features – the “DNA” of the artwork (topography, reflectance & colorimetric properties). As the technology reacts to the slightest changes invisible to the naked-eye, a second scan protects owners & collectors from potential forgeries.

5D Interactive Movies & e-Catalogues

Promote, magnify & share your collection like never before by creating personalized & interactive movies with audio commentaries that embark viewers into an emotional journey.


The Automated Damage Detection Algorithm (ADDA). Capturing artworks DNA at different times enables ARTMYN to monitor their condition after transport, storage & restoration. ADDA automatically compares scans from different times and restoration or damages

Interactive Digital Condition Reports

The potential damages & restorations detected by the technology are illustrated in user friendly, interactive & standardized condition reports.

The 1st Biometric Art Passport

All mentioned promotional & security features of an artwork are compiled in a individual highly secured digital passport that accompany the artwork over its lifetime, preserve its DNA, ensure its traceability, its condition and authenticity – hence, bringing unprecedented transparency into the Art Market, while preserving collectors’ confidentiality.


AXA ART together with ARTMYN endeavor to transform the art insurance industry by capturing and preserving our Cultural Heritage DNA.

Highlights from the Spring and Summer auctions in New York and London

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